In Wrightsville and topsail beaches the speckled trout 
Captain Mike

Cold watervtrout

are the most fished for fish in the area.Early September thru December are my favorite months to catch them. I prefer jerk baits lick a TT-21 or TT-18 mirolure.Sometimes a twitch twitch pause method works or a (slow roll) or a dead stick in which the tide takes the lure with no help from your reel.Water temps from 68-52 seem to be best.I prefer cloudy windy days because of the clear water we have here Using a 8-10 lb mono. Not sold on braid for big trout. I use a 7 ft med action rod w a 2000 penn battle,If the fishing is real slow ill use a 7,4 rod for small1/4 ounce xmas tree grub by blue water candy. The tides just need to be moving .as long as there is current they will feed. I try to fish under water points which for me produce the biggest fish. Trout fishing can be tough,alot of time on the water is the only way to set patterns and become a good trout angler,REMEBER TO TAKE A KID FISHING THIS FALL! Check me out at or on facebook or
Written by Captain Mike Hoffman