Topsail beach is a treasured strip of island along the coast of North Carolina. And that’s no exaggeration. Topsail (pronounced Tops’l) beach has a unique and interesting past. Legend has it that pirates would use the barrier island as a hideout during the 1700s. They would sit bayside of the island and wait for passing merchant ships to come by before surprising, attacking and claiming the cargo as their own. But before long, these merchant ships would catch on to the pirates’ plans and begin to look for the tops of their sails sticking high above the island thus leading to the island’s name, Topsail. Whether this is entirely true or not, who knows, but it makes sense and is always a great conversation starter. There are even rumors of Blackbeard’s treasure being buried on the island. Regardless if the folklore is true or not, there is treasure located in Topsail, but Topsail’s real treasure isn’t buried at all, but rather swimming the surrounding waters. Although there is no need for a treasure map to find this booty, but knowing the ins and outs of the local fishery will certainly help you unlock the secrets of Topsail Beach fishing and claim your prize!

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The Topsail Beach area has a wide range of fishing to fit your style. The inshore fishery is some of the best along the East coast for redfish and flounder. The backside of Topsail beach provides the adequate habitat necessary to keep the fish thriving. There is also ample opportunity to do some surf fishing as well. If you’re looking to get a little deeper, try your hand at fishing from one of the three piers that line the beaches of Topsail. Here you can expect to catch a variety of fish including Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, redfish, black drum and spotted seatrout. For the ultimate experience in fishing, go beyond the breakers in search of some larger treasure in the form of big king mackerels, mahi-mahi, tuna, grouper, amberjack or even the beast of the east, the blue marlin. Here at, Captain Mike Hoffman can make your inshore or offshore fishing experience one to remember. Most importantly, these trips are fun for the whole family and kid friendly.


Written by Captain Mike Hoffman