Wilmington offshore

Hug amber jack jiggin

Alright spring is here lets get started! Wilmington Nearshore,kings Bonita albacore and cobia have arrived! Lots of bait and lots of fish from 15-20 mile range. Inshore the trout and reds are chewing now that the water temps are in mid to high 60s. Gulp baits are still my favorite this time of year. In the fresh water the bass at Sutton lake are spawn and post spawn with a lot of top water and jerk bait action. In the Cape fear the Stripers are still tearing it up with a mix bag from 16-30 fish. Lots of trout and reds around the creeks down river. Up river the large mouth are on a awesome spinnerbait bite…unreal!  TAKE YOUR KID FISHING THIS SPRING! Captain Mike 9106198509

Written by Captain Mike Hoffman